Thursday, 27 June 2013

If you can't beat em... join em!!

OK, its confession time.

I get on at the kids for playing on the xbox and playstation too much and for constantly tapping me for money to buy virtual Downloadable Content (or DLC for short). This usually comes in the form of a map that Isaac (my eldest) needs so that he can battle it out with his mates on Call of Duty, or a new random custome that Jacob (my youngest) needs for his Sack Boy avatar on Little Big Planet.

Anyway, on the Diet and Fitness website that I participate on, I signed up for a Tour De France challenge, where teams of nine try and clock as many miles as possible during the event. As part of the challenge I have been awarded a virtual dossard to sport on my profile pic, and here it is...
So there we are... please don't tell the kids.

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