Wednesday, 11 September 2013

All set for Stonehenge

Not been very active on the blogging front this week. The weekend was taken up stripping the bike down, cleaning and inspecting everything; and building it back up again. I finished the work on Sunday, and decided to nip into Sheffield on the bike to pick up some goodies that I have been waiting for. I also bought another spare tube... just in case.

The bike performed well, and was as quiet as a mouse on the road. It really does make a difference. Really glad that nothing dropped off.

I decided that my last commute to work before the Stonehenge Cycle challenge would be Monday. I needed to be in London on Tuesday, so that was not practical to ride, so a full three days rest before should put me in good stead.

Monday was also my first time parking the bike and getting changed in the new office. The facilities seem reasonable, and should be even better when they get the new showers installed. We also got the route for the cycle challenge on Monday. It came through by email an straight away, the rest of the community went into panic mode. I have some links below, but for each of the three days i'll be riding 75, 56 and 69 miles respectively. I have deliberately not got involved in the resulting emails from everyone this week, some of them. I'm not saying they were negative, but that sort of banter creates doubts about the ride. I'm feeling confident and I don't want anything to undermine this.

Anyway, I've packed my bags tonight, said my goodbyes to the kids and promised to ring them each night. Just need to do a few hours at work in the morning and I'm off to Sunny Wales... Well, at least I hope it will be sunny.

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:

I'll keep you all posted of my journey over the next few days and will try and upload loads of pics.

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