Friday, 6 September 2013

An assault on the senses!

Pretty boring this past week. Had to pick the kids up on Saturday from the airport after they had spent a week in Spain.  No ride.
I spent some quality time with the kids on sunday including shopping fir school shoes. No ride again.
Monday thro Thursday was pretty boring with one exception with a TDE truck trying to squeeze through an 8ft gap created by a traffic island at the same time as me. I think he realised the error of his ways, but the process of jumping on his brakes as his momentum carried him level with me before he stopped scared the shit out of me. Luckily the kerb was lowered for pedestrians which allowed me to swerve onto the path and shout a few obscenities at him. I think he was apologetic, but I cant be sure.
Today, Friday, it is raining. I was glad in a way because it is more likely to be wet in wales next week so I could do with the practice. Got into the office, drenched, but satisfied, only to be told the office will not be opening until 8am from next week and to add insult to injury, they have turned the hot water off too.
This office closes in a few weeks and I will have to find somewhere else to park my bike. It seems those in charge would prefer me to find somewhere else sooner.
Anyway was feeling really refreshed and ready for work this morning (courtesy of the showers) only to find my bloody laptop is bust.
Shrugs shoulders and rolls eyes in disbelief! :-(

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