Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Going to miss my mileage target this month

I set myself a target of riding 500 miles this month (August). I'm on about 376 so far and have work related travel the next 2 days. That means I have to ride 124 miles on Saturday or call it quits.

I know my limits, and I've done pretty well considering that I did not do any riding up until the 12th August after my leave, so I'm going to let this one pass.

I'm fairly comfortable with this, but I have to aim for something big next month to compensate. Therefore, I'm going to try and complete my biggest month to date. My current record is 705 miles for April. With the planned Stonehenge cycle challenge on the 13-15 September I should get a boost, so 800 miles sounds like a nice figure to aim for.

Said it now... Gotta be done.

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