Sunday, 11 August 2013

Back from my hols

Firstly, let me apologise for the spelling in my last blog. I did the update on my phone in the tent after a fairly rough first night in the tent. For me the first night is the worst, after that I can usually sleep on a washing line given half the chance.

Anyway, those who follow me on MFP and Strava will notice a lack of activity on the cycling front this last week. I did get out on the bike, on the first day to test ride it after putting the pedals back on, but  with the bike exposed to the elements, especially the rain on the first night meant the chain rusted up quick pronto.

I have to say though, that the week was not a complete wash-out fitness-wise. I spent every day on the beach and have been involved in activities such as body boarding, surfing, paddle boarding and finally sea kayaking, all of which were extremely enjoyable and demanding, despite me being the surfing equivalent of the embarrassing dancing Dad at a wedding.

My measure for getting exercise is that gradually throughout the week I have woken up to a fresh ache somewhere from the previous day's activity, the worst being my head from having having the kayak unceremoniously dumped upon my head after being thrown off by a wave (several times); and the initial climb out of bed has become more and more difficult each morning.

I am back from my holiday now. Feel really invigorated from the break and now have clear line of sight through to my cycling challenge in September.

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