Saturday, 24 August 2013

Busy week back

It's been my first week back at work this week. I have felt pretty strong this week after the Saturday and Sunday break and managed to commute every day to work, which gives me about 100 miles in the bag. Five days back to back was better than I was expecting given my recent break, so I guess my fitness levels did not suffer too much from the holiday.

Today, Saturday, is the first day of the start of Le Vuelta. I am participating in a challenge on the 'my fitness pal' website which runs throughout the time of the competition. There are three teams of nine that are competing. Whilst we are competing against each other, there is also an objective to match the number of miles of each of the stages each day also. I'm not sue how many miles my team have contributed until the results are posted, but my contribution was 41.7km (26 miles), given that the first stage is only 27.4km, I think this one is in the bag. Tomorrow's stage is 177.4km, which might be a bit more tricky.

More riding planned for tomorrow. I want to complete a 100km ride. Just going to go back through my ride logs on Strava to see what will be a good route. Will post a further update tomorrow.

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