Monday, 5 August 2013

On holiday

Finished work on Friday and after packing the car and giving the wife a kiss goodbye headed down to the sister in laws house with the kids. Adele's house is about half way to where we are now staying in Croyde, North Devon. We arrived just after 11.00am and the weather was glorious fot putting the tent up and then we spent time on the beach later. I got burnt from the sun and had my first bash at body boarding. Have to admit I'm not very good at it. Might be technique or perhaps my weight, but very likely to be a combination of both. I'm not complaining though, I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and it was t-shirt weather right through to bedtime. I didn't go to town on the booze limiting it to just a couple beers. The kids have spent more time on the bikes this afternoon than in the entire previous year!!

Going easy on the bers hws paid off for the first day. As here I am laying in my tent on the start of day 2 and it is pissing it down outside.

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