Sunday, 28 July 2013

Need to get some motivation - feel as big as a house

In summary:-

Friday - went to a wedding and got very drunk

Saturday - recover from Friday and repeat the drinking process on Saturday night

Sunday - sat here feeling sorry for myself.

The detail:-

Friday - drank copious amounts of Cider, and grabbed some food from the table every time I passed for a fresh drink, which was often. My favourite at the table was a roasted ham joint, which combined with the sun and alcohol added to my thirst. When I got home, my stomach was fit to burst, I went to bed and opened all the windows to keep cool. I wasn't that drunk that I couldn't drink a pint of water, but the damage had already been done. My stomach was still expanding at 2.00am and my pulse was racing, when it clicked that it was the ham joint and beer combined with obesity that set me off on the road to being fitter and healthier after Christmas 18 months ago.

I've come to the realisation this weekend, that the obesity may be gone, but the underlying vulnerability to abusing my body is still very close.

Saturday - I was surprisingly fresh when I awoke next morning, perhaps the 2 hours I sat up drinking water and watching an old war movie '633 Squadron' from 2.00am did the trick. Sam (my wife), went to Uni to plan for a conference she is presenting at next week and I took the kids to football. I fixed the kids bikes for the Cornwall holiday, after prizing myself off the settee, before I realised it was 7.00pm. An hour later I was back at the pub, with my Brother-in-law. Four pints was all I could manage and the rain walking home was quite refreshing. The chinese takeaway waiting for me when I got in was just the tonic, but hardly complimentary to my salt intolerance.

Sunday - slight headache upon waking. Nice breakfast. Sam has gone to her Mum's for an hour. I know it is a waste but my body needs a break at the moment, so I'm going to concentrate on getting myself in a good position for a ride on Monday.

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