Thursday, 4 July 2013

Rant alert

Did you know it was national no indicator day today? Truly, I had to have my whits about me this morning because everyone was coming from all sorts of angles at me. It actually started in the car during the school run, a roundabout close to where I live is very quick and there must have been half a dozen cars dash up the road I had driven down (a left turn) without indicating. This meant that I could have gone several times, but there is no way your going to risk it in case one of them goes into the side of you because they are genuinely going straight on.

So it was on the bike after the school run and I waited to turn right out of a junction, and a guy turned left (without indicating) which would have permitted me to go. On the road down to Murderhell (a big shopping center near Sheffield) and the bus lane going towards the Wicker arches, two drivers decided they weren't making the progress they desired and cut into my lane (the left) again without indicating.

I had to congratulate myself when I got into work for being very calm and collected about it... I didn't loose my rag once, but it was blustery this morning with a mild head wind, so cycling in a straight predictable line was probably taking up a lot of my concentration.

I understand there is going to be wall to wall sunshine for the next couple of weeks, dare I even say a heat wave, so here's looking forward to getting some of the tan lines sharpened up ahead of my cycle challenge in September.

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