Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Objective complete

As an auditor I do a lot of work around objectives. I think I have a pretty good angle on objective setting and know the dangers of setting yourself objectives that are not too stretching, but to set yourself an objective and then achieve it the very next day, either makes me a better cyclist than I first thought I was, or I need to dust off the old text books around objective setting.

So, OK, last Thursday, I wanted to ride to work and back and achieve a sub-40 minute time for each ride. On the ride into work I absolutely smashed it 36min 45 sec, to be precise. On the return trip it was 39min 27sec. I honestly could not believe it. I don't want to keep setting myself objectives based upon the same ride, but might aim to move myself up the ranking on a few segments throughout the ride, with a view to hitting sub 40 minute times more frequently without exhausting myself.

I also went out on Saturday for about 30miles, which I achieved just under 2 hours. Very pleased again. I wanted to go out Sunday, but my bezzy mate 'Mick' mentioned the word 'Pub'... you can guess the result!...

Well... I earned it.

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