Friday, 5 July 2013

3,000miles... in the bag

Just checked my profile on Strava... I have now hit my 3,000mile milestone for this year. Big question is, can I reach 6,000miles for the full year???

Commute home tonight was good. I could have done more, but am saving myself for a big ride tomorrow, but I did take a small detour to ride up my favourite hill. I discovered this hill which is not far off my usual route last year when my son started his winter football training at the Concord leisure center's astro-turf pitch. It was later announced that the hill would be one of the last obstacles before the finish line at the end of stage 2 of the Tour De France.

Anyway, I got a personal record on this hill, which is a real boost, you can find a link to the hill on this link

Tomorrow, I'm thinking of heading into Rotherham, through Chapeltown and pick up the main road toward Huddersfield. Depending upon my performance I will turn off towards either Barnsley or Wakefield before swinging back South for home. Not sure on the mileage and don't really care, just want to clock up as many miles as possible.

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