Saturday, 13 July 2013

Confession time

It has been over a week since my last blog. After conquering my favourite hill (again) on regular commute home last Friday, I pledged to get out on Saturday for a big ride.

I did do the big ride on Saturday, but my cousin got married that day and I spent the evening at the party. Sunday was very busy with kids football and I have not had the time since last weekend to sit down and write a blog.

So here we go...

The ride on Saturday totalled 94.5km. I started the route off as described in my previous blog at got all way up the road past Penistone to the outskirts of Huddersfield. I took a left up the hill heading towards a personal target of Emley Moor.

For those of you not local to me, Emley Moor has a TV transmitter located at the top of it. On a clear day, you can see it from miles away, there is not a high spot in the entire Yorkshire region where you cannot see this point. Most of my rides get views of the Emley Moor transmitter from the South and East of it, so it was a personal achievement to ride right up it. Next target is loop around it and possibly go North of the M62 towards Bradford and Leeds before swinging back South for home.

My route took me then towards the M1 via the Yorkshire sculpture park, up towards Barnsley and back home via the quiet back roads.

I could have gone further, but my backside was really starting to suffer after Emley Moor. I had the new seat on the bike, and I am starting to wonder whether it really is for me.

I treated Sunday as a rest day, well from the bike anyway. I managed to commute to work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday and Friday was spent on the Hybrid as I wanted to bring and take my laptop from/to work as I had a visit to London on Thursday and needed the pannier to carry the extra weight. The old seat on the Hybrid was a welcome break from the regular bike. I'm going to head out today for another biggy and will make a decision regarding the new saddle afterwards.

Promise not to leave it so long before my next blog.

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  1. That little lay-by at the front of the transmitter complex is awfully welcome, isn't it... at least coming at it from the direction I normally do. First time I arrived there, I couldn't quite take in the scale... it's so tall, you just don't seem to be getting any closer to it for the last couple of uphill miles...