Sunday, 25 August 2013

Grade A ride

Sorry, it was a 'Grey Day ride', but the cycling was not too bad despite the crap weather.

I think I have been spoiled of late, with the nice weather. I have tanned face, arms and legs; and these last few weeks it has felt distinctly Mediterranean whilst out cycling. What a difference 36 hours of rain makes!!

I was out of my pit at 5:45 this morning. I looked outside and the weather was spot on with what the forecast had predicted the night before. A grey start, but brightening up soon after. I wasn't sure when the brightening up bit would come exactly, but I dressed for it anyway.

I sat there eating my porridge looking out the window, hoping that the porridge would never end, it seemed to get greyer by the minute. But this wasn't going to put me off and I donned the rest of my gear (cycle helmet, snacks and shoes and headed out.

It was very fresh when I got out, and the wind was up too. My route would take me North towards Pontefract, but turning off just before for a little loop before I headed back home along the same route. It is my 50 mile baseline route, so I stepped on the pedals hoping that a little more effort would help to warm me up.

I didn't get much warmer, since despite it not raining the whole route, the rads were still wet from last nights rain which kicked up a lot of spray around me and kept me damp. The weather did not brighten up either and I thought quite a few times about bailing and heading home to a nice warm bed. But I stuck at it and completed my 50 miles.

Sometimes riding is such a pleasure, other times it is a real slog and tests you in more ways than one. Either way, by the time you get home there is a certain satisfaction that you completed the course and beat those inner demns that wanted you to turn back sooner.

I'm glad I had my ride this morning, it made the cooked breakfast when I got home seem really worth the effort.

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