Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Foggy this morning - need to put the lights back on

Checked the weather before bed last night... Grey start, brightening later.

Went out the door with sun glasses, trying to look cool... as usual... NOT!!

Climbed the hill that overlooks Greasborough and descended into a layer of Scotch mist.

Options were to turn back and get the lights fitted, but I didn't fancy riding back up the hill I'd descended... Well not this morning anyway. OR take my sun glasses off and soldier on.

The sun glasses, being highly inappropriate for the weather I had encountered, made a world of difference, especially since they were beginning to steam up. I could now see around, but the question was could everyone see me?

As it happens, by the time I had ascended up the other side of the valley and got on the main road into Sheffield the fog was gone, but that was about 2 1/2 miles of nervous riding, which I would not like to repeat.

It turns out that if I had turned back, it would have been futile anyway. The USB re-chargeable lights, have been unplugged for about a month now and even when they are switched off, they must lose their charge as they were completely dead when I checked them tonight.

I don't know why I stopped having the lights on. I used to be a stickler for that and had them on every day no-matter what the weather. I think with the really nice weather of late, I have just got myself out of the habit...

Anyway... that's going to change from today.

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